Debut album featuring 8 tracks of Brehdren’s uniquely flavored ska music.

With team work you can accomplish anything...well almost anything

Impossible to translate their wildly intense live performances these eight studio tracks still manage to retain the fun and energy of Brehdren live and off the floor.  Recorded at Greenhouse Studios and released for digital download on July 4, 2015 “Out goes the Window” is Brehdren’s debut recording and are excited to pour the proceeds right back into the next album and music videos.





Imagination Show Podcast


Brehdren are honored to have been featured in the first episode of the Imagination Show Podcast created by the amazing James Coleville Murray. The episode consists of three radio dramas based on the Space Case series by the band. Delve into an incredibly imaginative interpretation of the story fleshed out with sound effects, checkered pants, historic ska easter eggs, and some great voice talent like the incredible Mark J Gibbon as the main character.

Pacific Sound System

Check out Brehdren’s first officially released studio tracks, Midnight and Space Case Part 2, and 50 more ska, punk and reggae songs from the Pacific Northwest!!! These free and fantastic compilation albums are available now and are packed full of amazing ska, reggae and punk bands.  Pacific Sound System Vol. 1 & Pacific Sound System Vol. 2