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Follow this linked graphic to a high quality vector PDF version of the Brehdren Logo.

Follow above linked graphic to a high quality vector PDF version of the Brehdren Logo.


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Darel Simpson: 6O4-8O3-6124



1. Originating from “brethren”
2. Best friends, peers, family


1. Vancouver ska band

Hailing from Vancouver, Brehdren blast their very own mix of ska, jazz and rock.

With varied musical backgrounds and a combined love of ska & reggae, the nine members of Brehdren bring in elements of jazz, indie pop, and progressive rock to create their unique flavor of ska. Based around a crazy, energetic front man, the rhythm and horn section cover a range of ground—from extended jams to two-minute freak outs. Not to be missed.

2. Vancouver-based nontet ska/rock band

Formed in 2010 in a basement in East Vancouver, Brehdren’s sound is based around its energetic front man Scott E. Moil, lead singer for late 90’s popular local ska band the Malchiks. More than just a singer, Scott’s focus on being an entertainer is first and foremost, whether jumping on the dance floor to rile up the crowd or performing shows as fictional characters.

But a band can’t just be an enigmatic crazy front man, can it? The other eight members of Brehdren back Scott up with original songs based centrally in ska, reggae and rock, while touching on elements of jazz, indie pop and even progressive rock.

These days Brehdren are looking to play all-ages and 19+ shows; with the singular goal of making people get up and dance or simply put a smile on your face.


Scott E. Moil – Frontman/Vocals
Ian Malinski – Guitar & Vocals
Darel Simpson – Bass & Vocals
Johnny Happy – Keys
Lawrence Chew – Alto Saxophone
Sweet – Baritone Saxaphone
Karina Abe – Trumpet & Vocals
Trevor Tablotney – Trombone
Mike Chamzuk – Drums

Show History

2017/12/21 – Waldorf Tiki Bar w/Karmacanix
2017/12/02 – X-MAS in SKaville 15 @ ANZA Club w/Bobbi-Jo Moore, The Upside & Space Chimp
2017/10/13 – Friday the 13th – Jason Lives @ Pat’s Pub w/The Upside & S.K.A. (Some Kind of Acronym)
2017/08/20 – Port Moody Car Free Day (Port Moody, BC)
2017/08/12 – Joyfest @ Strange Fellows Brewery w/The Pretty’s, Year of the Wolf
2016/12/10 – X-MAS in Skaville 14 @ Guilt & Co. w/EliXXXirs & Brass Action
2016/11/18 – Fairview Pub  w/The Upside & The Westway
2016/09/10 – SBC Restaurant w/Brass Action, The Kings, & The Georgetown Orbits
2016/08/05 – Backstage Lounge w/Hounds of Buskerville & Mabachacagas
2016/01/29 – Railway Club  w/Brass Action, Sweetleaf, & Kounterpoint
2015/11/28 – Backstage Lounge  w/Sweet Leaf, Hounds of Buskerville
2015/10/30 – Fairview Pub w/Kownterpoint, The Harvest & The Surfrajets
2015/09/18 – Railway Club w/Random Dander and Sean Meyers (stepped in for Lost Hombre)
2015/07/04 – Backstage Lounge w/Malchiks & Mabachacagas – Brehdren’s Debut Album Release
2014/08/05 – Wise Hall w/ The Brass Action & Father Moo
2014/07/25 – Railway Club  w/ Class Action, Brass Action, Bone Daddies
2014/06/10 – Railway Club w/ King Crow and the Ladies From Hell
2014/06/06 – Railway Club w/ Brass Action & Sweetleaf
2014/03/15 – Railway Club w/ Brass Action & Cornshed
2014/01/17 – Backstage Lounge w/ Hounds of Buskerville & Drum Solo on the Moon
2013/12/13 – X-MAS in Skaville 11 w/ los Furios, the EliXXXirs & DJ Freshleecut
2013/08/25 – 5th Annual Garlic Festival (Richmond, BC) w/ Sybaritic String Band
2013/03/16 – Fairview Pub w/ the Brass Action & Semi-tone Riot
2013/02/22 – Backstage Lounge  w/ Bonn Smith & Drum Solo on the Moon
2013/02/05 – The Cellar  w/ Rude City Riot & Lady Mishmash
2013/01/25 – Railway Club  w/ AntiParty, the Brass Action & Quiet Kids
2012/12/29 – Malone’s  w/ the Bone Daddies
2012/11/24 – Fairview Pub w/ the Brass Action, the Bone Daddies & Semi-tone Riot
2012/10/05 – Railway Club  w/ the Malchiks, Cornshed & the Still Spirits
2012/09/21 – Backstage Lounge w/ Giraffe Aftermath & Bonn Smith
2012/08/17 – Backstage Lounge w/ the Malchiks & White Blood Cells
2012/08/11 – Malone’s  w/ Bonn Smith
2012/07/14 – Cafe Deux Soliels w/ White Blood Cells
2012/06/08 – Backstage Lounge w/ Hastings
2011/08/11 – Garlic Fest (Richmond, BC) w/ the Wintermitts
2011/02/09 – J-Lounge w/ Chezburger
2011/01/16 – J-Lounge
2010/12/08 – J-Lounge w/ the Harmonic Cosmonauts
2010/10/03 – Applepaloosa (Richmond, BC)


Debut Album Cover & Band Photos:

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Did you see that, I let go of the balloon

Letting go is the hardest part

With team work you can accomplish anything...well almost anything



Follow this linked graphic to a high quality vector PDF version of the Brehdren Logo.

Follow above linked graphic to a high quality vector PDF version of the Brehdren Logo.